Flashlight Fanatics podcast launched!

@DarrenYeoYT and I (@TorchHacker) have launched an Australian-based podcast about flashlights.

Our first episode is now online:

Power outages: Are you prepared?

Today we are discussing recent power outages in Australia due to a storm.

0:00 Welcome Flashlight Fanatics!
0:19 Power outages in Victoria
3:04 Your time to shine!
3:29 Lanterns
6:04 Torches
12:48 Internet and phone services
14:28 Power banks
15:25 Clean drinking water
17:37 SOS
18:50 Search lights for disasters
20:01 Generators
22:27 Modern torches
29:15 Alkaline batteries leaking
29:55 Radio
31:56 CB and amateur radio
35:00 Reliance on connectivity
38:19 Fuel
38:56 Solar and battery backup
41:27 Water filtration
42:56 Are you prepared?

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