Astrolux EA04


Brand/model Astrolux EA04
LED 4*HP50
Maximum lumens 12,600 lm
Maximum beam intensity 36,481 cd
Maximum throw 382 m
Battery 26650, 26350, 21700, 18650
Onboard charging Yes (USB-C)
Material Aluminium
Modes Ramping
Blinkies Strobe
Reflector Smooth
Waterproof IPX6
Review date November 2023


The Astrolux EA04 is a 26650 sized flooder with four HP50 emitters, a smooth reflector, USB-C charging and a simple user interface.

Banggood kindly sent this torch for review. I have not been paid for this review nor have I held back my opinions of this torch.

The Astrolux EA04 is US$37.99 from Banggood with the promo code: BGb21a97

Banggood is having a Global Shopping Festival.


The Astrolux EA04 comes in a plain cardboard box with ASTROLUX branding. There is plenty of foam within the box to protect the torch.

Astrolux EA04 packaging Astrolux EA04 packaging

The following was included in the box:

  • Astrolux EA04.
  • 26350 tube.
  • Two spare o-rings.
  • 21700 and 18650 adapters.
  • Lanyard.
  • User manual.

Astrolux EA04 accessories Astrolux EA04 user manual

Torch in use

The Astrolux EA04 feels comfortable in my hand. The side switch gives a satisfying click.

Astrolux EA04 in use 1 Astrolux EA04 in use 2

There is a lanyard hole in the tailcap.

The torch can tailstand.

There is no magnet in the tailcap.

Build quality

The Astrolux EA04 is made of aluminium and it has a green anodised finish.

The pattern on the 26650 and the 26350 tubes provide plenty of grip.

Astrolux EA04 side Astrolux EA04 closeup-26350-tube-side

Astrolux EA04 front Astrolux EA04 left

Astrolux EA04 back Astrolux EA04 right

The edges near the lanyard hole and the edges on the bezel feel slightly sharp. It would be nice of the edges were chamfered. The rest of the torch is smooth.

Astrolux EA04 closeup-lanyard-hole Astrolux EA04 closeup-protective-film

The torch arrived with film to protect the glass lens.

The button feels firm and gives a satisfying click. There are green and red indicator emitters behind the switch cover for the charging status and the battery status.

Astrolux EA04 closeup-button Astrolux EA04 closeup-26350-tube-front

There are pads that might be for updating the firmware.

Astrolux EA04 driver

Dual springs have been used in the tailcap to prevent the battery from rattling around.

Astrolux EA04 tail-springs

The threads came without any lubricate. The tailcap turns smoothly but some effort is needed to press the two springs down against a cell when screwing the tailcap on.

Astrolux EA04 head-threads Astrolux EA04 tail-threads

Astrolux EA04 tailcap

LED, bezel, lens, reflector and beam

The Astrolux EA04 has four HP50 emitters, a smooth reflector, a glass lens and a bezel that screws on.

The glass lens appears to have an anti-reflective coating.

Astrolux EA04 closeup emitters Astrolux EA04 closeup bezel

The bezel unscrews easily. No glue was used on the threads. There is a black o-ring on the threads for the bezel and a white o-ring under the edge of the bezel to improve water resistance.

CCT, CRI, and duv

I have taken Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) and Colour Rendering Index (CRI, RA of R1-R8) measurements with the torch positioned two metres away from an Opple Light Master Pro III (G3).

The CCT is around 6670K. The CRI is around 70.

The Delta u, v is slightly positive (green).

The beam has a white hot spot, a slightly green corona and a hint of purple in the spill.

Mode CCT (K) CRI (Ra) x y Duv
Mid 6378 69.9 0.3147 0.3322 0.0038
Top 6965 71.5 0.3070 0.3157 -0.0008
Turbo 6668 70.7 0.3107 0.3227 0.0010

Calculate Duv from CIE 1931 xy coordinates

Dimensions and size comparison


I took the following measurements using a digtal caliper.

Measurement Unit (mm)
Length 116.86
Head diameter 41.13
Tube outside diameter 30.08
Tube inside diameter 26.74
Tube length 71.83
21700 adapter outside diameter 26.72
21700 adapter inside diameter 21.71
Tail diameter 33.74
Button diameter 10.5
USB port width 12.1
USB port height 7.3
USB port depth 2.54
Battery length 70.1
Battery diameter 21.2
Retaining ring inside diameter 27.06
Head threads inside diameter 26.74

I measured a Molicel P42A 21700 4200mAh battery.


I took the following measurements using a digital scale.

Weight Unit (g)
Torch 146.25
21700 adapter 18.32
Battery 65.77
Torch with battery 230.34

I measured a Molicel P42A 21700 4200mAh battery.

Size comparison with its competition

From left to right: WildTrail WT3M, Astrolux EA04, Emisar D4SV2, Acebeam E75

WildTrail WT3M, Astrolux EA04, Emisar D4SV2, Acebeam E75

From left to right: WildTrail WT3M, Astrolux EA04, Emisar D4SV2, Acebeam E75

WildTrail WT3M, Astrolux EA04, Emisar D4SV2, Acebeam E75

User interface

The EA04 has an electronic side switch to control the torch.

There is smooth ramping and shortcuts to Moonlight, Turbo and Strobe.

State Action Result
Off Hold Moonlight
Off Click On (mode memory)
Off Two clicks Turbo
On Hold Smooth ramp
On Click Off
On Two clicks Turbo
Turbo Hold Smooth ramp
Turbo Two clicks Return to ramp (mode memory)
Any Three clicks Strobe
Strobe Hold Return to ramp (mode memory)
Strobe Two clicks Turbo
Strobe Three clicks Return to ramp (mode memory)

Mode memory

Mode memory does not include Turbo or Strobe.


The strobe frequency appears to be constant.

Battery status indicator

The battery status indicator is green when the torch is on and the battery is mostly fully. It went from green to red when the voltage dropped to 2.89V.

Lock out

There is no electronic lock out mode. The tailcap can be turned 1/4 to physically lock out the headlamp.

Low voltage protection

There is low voltage protection but the standby drain is around 4.8 mA when the light switches off at 2.7V. The battery might drain to 0V if the torch is left on for several days.

I tested low voltage protection by connecting the head of the torch to a bench power supply and then by lowering the voltage from 4.2V to 0V.

Mode LVP? Red flash Cut-off voltage
Bottom Yes 2.72V
Mid Yes 2.89V 2.73V


I did not notice any visible PWM (flickering).

What I like about the UI

  • It is simple to use.
  • Shortcut to Turbo.
  • Shortcut to Moonlight.

What could be improved

  • A lock-out mode would be nice.

Batteries and charging


No batteries were included.

I used the 21700 adapter with a Molicel P42A 21700 4200mAh cell because I don’t have any 26650 or 26350 cells.

A high drain cell is recommended.

Astrolux EA04 closeup-adapter

I tried the following cells:

Cell Top Compatible? Comment
Molicel P42A 21700 4200mAh Flat Yes
Samsung 50S 21700 5000mAh Flat Yes
Acebeam IMR21700NP-500A 5000mAh Button No The cell is too long.
Weltool UB21-50 21700 5000mAh USB-C Button No The cell is too long.


The torch has a USB-C port for charging and for the power bank feature.

Astrolux EA04 charging profile

Power supply: PinePower Desktop USB-A
USB Meter: AVHzY CT-3 (recommended by LiquidRetro)
Room temperature: 18 C

Astrolux EA04 charging profile

I charged the included cell inside the Astrolux EA04 from 2.82V to 4.17V. Charging completed after 2 hour 19 minutes. The charging rate was approximately 5V 1.8A.

Charging status indicator

The charging status indicator is red while charging and it becomes green when the battery is fully charged.

Astrolux EA04 charging-red Astrolux EA04 charging-green

Power supply compatibility

I tried the following power supplies with the built-in USB-C charger:

Power supply USB Type Protocol Does it charge?
Apple 61W Power Adapter USB-C PD Yes
Google Pixel Power Adapter USB-C PD Yes
PinePower Desktop USB-C PD Yes
PinePower Desktop USB-A QC Yes
PinePower Desktop USB-A Yes

USB-C to USB-C charging works.


Specifications from the user manual:

Output (lumens) 12,600
Beam Distance (metres) 382
Beam Intensity (cd) 36,481

I used a Molicel P42A 21700 4200mAh cell for the following tests.

Lumen measurements

I used a UNI-T UT210E clamp meter to measure the current at turn on.

Mode Amps at start Specs Lumens @turn on Lumens @30 sec Lumens @10 min
Bottom 0.02 A
Mid 0.40 A 166 165 164
Top 12.18 A 5,755 2,323 1,144
Turbo 25.70 A 12,600 8,768 4,815 1,129

The bottom of the ramp was too low for my DIY lumen tube to measure.

Standby drain

55.9 µA.

Runtime graphs

I used my own DIY lumen tube with a TSL2591 sensor and forked bmengineer’s project RuTiTe to record runtimes.

Note: Lumen measurements may be off by 10% with my DIY lumen tube.

The room temperature was approximately 18 C.

Astrolux EA04 runtime graph

Astrolux EA04 first 2 hours runtime graph

Astrolux EA04 first 10 minutes runtime graph


Here is a summary of the runtime results:

Mode User manual Runtime Turn off Final voltage
Turbo 1h 32min 7s 1h 43min 50s 2.93
Top 1h 44min 26s 1h 46min 11s 3.04
Mid 10h 52min 29s 10h 52min 29s 2.94

“Runtime” is the time until the output reduces to 10% of the output at 30 seconds (as per the ANSI/PLATO FL1 2019 Standard).

“Turn off” is the time until my DIY lumen tube no longer detects more than one lumen.

“+” indicates that the light remained on after recording had stopped.

I measured the middle of the ramp, top of the ramp and Turbo. The bottom of the ramp was too low for my DIY lumen tube to measure.

There are no runtime estimates in the user manual.

Turbo and the top of the ramp start off strong! But then they quickly drop to around 1,200 lumens within a minute. The output drops to about 800 lumens after an hour.


I took lux measurements with a UNI-T UT383BT at 30 seconds. The middle of the ramp, top of the ramp and Turbo were measured at five metres.

Mode Specs (cd) Specs (m) Candela measured (cd) Distance (m)
Mid 475 43
Top 8,975 189
Turbo 36,481 382 17,250 262


I went to a local park and aimed the Astrolux EA04 at a tree 70 metres away while using Turbo.

Beamshots were taken using a Sony RX100M2 using 3.2", f3.2, ISO 100, 5000K WB.

Astrolux EA04 (Turbo)

Astrolux EA04 Turbo beamshot

WildTrail WT3M SST40 (Turbo)

WildTrail WT3M SST40 Turbo beamshot

Emisar D4V2 CREE XPL-HI V2 5D 4000K (Turbo)

Emisar D4SV2 CREE XPL-HI V2 5D 4000K Turbo beamshot

Acebeam E75 (Turbo)

Acebeam E75 Turbo beamshot


The Astrolux EA04 is a relatively inexpensive pocket flooder.

It produces a nice floody white beam.

The lumen output and beam distance is lower than expected.

The user interface is pretty simple. Smooth ramping gives an almost infinite amount of output levels but I would prefer four or five modes (e.g. Low, Medium, High, Turbo).

This torch might be a good host for an enthusiast wanting to swap another driver in. It is easy to open up and disassemble.

I would recommend the Astrolux EA04 to enthusiasts looking for an inexpensive pocket flooder that can reach more than 8,000 lumens at turn on.


  • Good build quality.
  • Nice floody beam.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Built-in USB-C charging.
  • Supports a variety of cells (26650, 23650, 21700, 18650).


  • Lumen output is lower than claimed.
  • Beam distance is lower than claimed.
  • Low CRI.
  • Low voltage protection kind of works (4.8mA standby drain).


The Astrolux EA04 is US$37.99 from Banggood with the promo code: BGb21a97

Product page

Promo code: BGb21a97

Astrolux EA04 at Banggood

Banggood is having a Global Shopping Festival.

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