Tritium vials in ReyLight torches!

Michael Window kindly sent some tritium vials to install in my ReyLight torches.

After watching Cheule’s video Flashlights 101: Tritium Tubes (installation and removal), I decided to buy some E6000 Crystal Clear glue and use that to install tritium vials.

Here is my video tutorial for installing tritium vials:
Tritium vials in ReyLight torches!

Cheule recently posted another video Drilling tritium tube holes into a Carclo optic to demonstrate another method of installing tritium vials.

Parts used

  • ReyLight Pineapple Mini Green
  • ReyLight Pineapple Mini Copper
  • ReyLight LANapple Purple
  • Green 1.5mm * 6mm tritium vial
  • Yellow 1.5mm * 6mm tritium vial
  • Pink 1.5mm * 6mm tritium vial

Tools used

  • E6000 Crystal Clear glue
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Paper towel

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