Brand/model NEXTORCH TA20
Maximum lumens 1,000 lm
Maximum beam intensity 11,028 cd
Maximum throw 210 m
Battery 1*16340, 1*CR123
Onboard charging No (USB-C battery)
Material Aluminium
Modes 3
Blinkies Strobe
Reflector OP
Waterproof IPX8
Review date January 2024


The NEXTORCH TA20 is a compact tactical torch with: a two-stage tail button, a rotary mode selection switch, a tactical ring, a pocket clip and a strike bezel with three nano-ceramic beads.

It has a cool white OSRAM P9 emitter.

It can be powered by the included 16340 Li-ion cell or a CR123 battery.

NEXTORCH kindly sent this torch for review. I have not been paid for this review nor have I held back my opinions of this torch.


The TA20 comes in a white and green box with NEXTORCH branding.

NEXTORCH TA20 packaging NEXTORCH TA20 packaging

NEXTORCH TA20 packaging NEXTORCH TA20 packaging

The following was included in the box:

  • NEXTORCH 16340 800mAh USB-C cell
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Lanyard
  • FR-1 tactical ring
  • User manual

NEXTORCH TA20 packaging NEXTORCH TA20 accessories

NEXTORCH TA20 tactical-ring

NEXTORCH TA20 user manual NEXTORCH TA20 user manual

NEXTORCH TA20 user manual

Torch in use

The NEXTORCH TA20 is so cute! The matte finish feels nice and the torch fits my hand perfectly.

NEXTORCH TA20 in use 1 NEXTORCH TA20 in use 2

NEXTORCH TA20 in-use-3 NEXTORCH TA20 in-use-4

The two-stage tail button provides instant access to High when lightly pressed in Tactical or Duty modes.

NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-button

The rotary switch at the head allows Tactical Mode, Duty Mode or Lock Mode to be selected.

NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-switch-1 NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-switch-2 NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-switch-3

This torch appears to be intended for law enforcement and military as a backup light (or for those who want to reduce the amount of weight that they are carrying).

It has been designed to be compatible with the FR-1 tactical ring and the V31 holster (as shown in my review of the NEXTORCH TA30C).

The pocket clip and the tactical ring are both securely held in place by the tailcap.

NEXTORCH TA20 tactical-ring-front NEXTORCH TA20 tactical-ring-pocket-clip

There is a hole in the pocket clip and a hole in the tactical ring where a lanyard may be attached.

The V31 holster is probably a bit big for the TA20. It will fit but you might be better off clipping the pocket clip to a vest instead and saving the holster for a larger torch like the TA30C.

Build quality

The NEXTORCH TA20 is constructed of aluminium. The body has a dark gray matte anodised finish on both the outside and the inside. The torch feels smooth and there are no sharp edges.




The threads came lightly lubricated and they turn smoothly. I found it easier to screw the tailcap on when the tactical ring had been removed. A bit of force is required to get the tailcap on when the tactical ring has been installed.

NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-threads

Springs at both ends allow a slightly shorter unprotected 16340 cell to fit.

NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-springs

The inner tube is used for the tail button.

LED, bezel, lens, reflector and beam

The NEXTORCH TA20 has an OSRAM P9 emitter with an orange-peel reflector.

NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-emitter

It has a strike bezel with three nano-ceramic beads for striking glass. These three beads protrude into the edge of the beam (as seen in the beamshot).

NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-bezel

The bezel can be unscrewed to gain access to the emitter should you want to swap the 3737 OSRAM P9 with something else. I demonstrated how to unscrew this type of bezel in my review of the NEXTORCH TA30C MAX.

CCT, CRI, and duv

I have taken Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) and Colour Rendering Index (CRI, RA of R1-R8) measurements with the torch positioned one metre away from an Opple Light Master Pro III (G3).

The CCT is around 6473K. The CRI is around 70.

The Delta u, v is slightly positive (green).

The beam has a white hotspot, a slightly green corona, and a slightly purple spill. The beads create some shadows around the edge of the beam. The beam itself is quite throwy and it creates a wall of light on High.

Mode CCT (K) CRI (Ra) x y Duv
Low 6485 70.6 0.3127 0.3316 0.0045
Medium 6469 70.3 0.3129 0.3326 0.0049
High 6465 70.5 0.3129 0.3326 0.0049

Calculate Duv from CIE 1931 xy coordinates

Dimensions and size comparison


I took the following measurements using a digital caliper.

Measurement Unit (mm)
Length 101.3
Head diameter 30.0
Tail diameter 25.38
Tube inside diameter 16.96
Tactical ring inside diameter 25.7
Battery diameter 16.7
Battery length 35.1


I took the following measurements using a digital scale.

Weight Unit (g)
Torch 90.64
Battery 18.89
Tactical ring 9.37
Torch with battery 109.53
Torch with battery and tactical ring 118.9

Size comparison with its competition

From left to right: NEXTORCH TA20, Olight Warrior Nano, Sofirn SC21

NEXTORCH TA20, Olight Warrior Nano, Sofirn SC21

From left to right: NEXTORCH TA20, Olight Warrior Nano, Sofirn SC21

NEXTORCH TA20, Olight Warrior Nano, Sofirn SC21

User interface

The head of the torch has a mode selection rotary switch to select Tactical Mode, Duty Mode or Lock Mode.

The tail button has two stages. It can be lightly pressed or it can be fully pressed.

Mode State Action Result
TAC Off Press button lightly Momentary High
TAC Off Press button fully Momentary Strobe
DUTY Off Press button lightly Momentary High
DUTY Off Press button fully High
DUTY On Press button lightly Cycle (High, Medium, Low, Strobe)
DUTY On Press button fully Off
LOCK Off Press button lightly Nothing
LOCK Off Press button fully Nothing


Strobe has an alternating frequency.

Low voltage protection

There is no low voltage protection built into the torch for a Li-ion cell.

I tested low voltage protection by connecting the torch to a bench power supply and then by lowering the voltage from 4.2V to 0V for a 16340 Li-ion cell.

I do not recommend using an unprotected 16340 Li-ion cell. It might discharge to 0V if the torch has been left on.

The included protected 16340 Li-ion cell appears to have low voltage protection.


I did not notice any visible PWM (flickering).

What I like about the UI

  • I like how the rotary switch has a Lock Mode.
  • Two stage button (light and full press).

What could be improved

Tactical Mode is limited to two momentary modes (High and Strobe). It would be nice if long pressing lightly or long pressing fully resulted in the torch turning on in High and Strobe instead of it turning on momentarily and turning off when the button has been released.

Duty Mode has a High-Medium-Low-Strobe cycle where it defaults to High. It would be nice if this mode was more EDC friendly. For example: Low-Medium-High cycle with it defaulting to Low. Double light press for High. Triple light press for Strobe.

Batteries and charging


A button top NEXTORCH 16340 800mAh cell with USB-C charging was included inside the torch. The cell arrived with a voltage of 3.66V, and it was isolated with a piece of plastic.

NEXTORCH TA20 closeup-insulating-film

NEXTORCH TA20 battery NEXTORCH TA20 battery

I tried the following cells:

Cell Top Compatible? Comment
NEXTORCH 16340 Li-ion 800mAh 3.6V USB-C Button Yes
Sofirn 16340 Li-ion 800mAh 3.7V Button Yes


The indicator LED went red while charging and it went blue when charging was complete.

NEXTORCH TA20 charging red NEXTORCH TA20 charging blue

Power supply: PinePower Desktop USB-C
USB Meter: AVHzY CT-3 (recommended by LiquidRetro)
Room temperature: 22 C

NEXTORCH TA20 charging profile

I charged the cell with its built-in USB-C charger from 2.94V to 4.18V. Charging completed after 2 hours. The charging rate was approximately 5V 0.5A.

Power supply compatibility

I tried the following power supplies with the built-in USB-C charger:

Power supply USB Type Protocol Does it charge?
Apple 61W Power Adapter USB-C PD No
Google Pixel Power Adapter USB-C PD Yes
PinePower Desktop USB-C PD No
PinePower Desktop USB-A QC Yes
PinePower Desktop USB-A Yes


Specifications from the manual:

Tactical Mode

ANSI / PLATO-FL1 Momentary on Tactical Strobe
Output (lumens) 1,000 1,000
Beam Distance (metres)
Beam Intensity (cd)

Duty Mode

ANSI / PLATO-FL1 High Medium Low Strobe
Output (lumens) 1,000 190 24 1,000
Runtime 1h 15min 2h 30min 24h
Beam Distance (metres) 210 85 30
Beam Intensity (cd) 11,028 1,808 228

Lumen measurements

I used a bench power supply to measure the current at turn on for Low, Medium and High.

Mode Amps at start Specs Lumens @turn on Lumens @30 sec Lumens @10 min
Low 0.07 A 24 25 25 25
Medium 0.49 A 190 188 181 165
High 3.21 A 1,000 1,115 974 235

Standby drain

14.2 µA

I used a UNI-T UT139C digital multimeter to measure the current.

Runtime graphs

I used my own DIY lumen tube with a TSL2591 sensor and forked bmengineer’s project RuTiTe to record runtimes.

Note: Lumen measurements may be off by 10% with my DIY lumen tube.

The room temperature was approximately 25 C.

NEXTORCH TA20 runtime graph

NEXTORCH TA20 first 2 hours runtime graph

NEXTORCH TA20 first 10 minutes runtime graph


Here is a summary of the runtime results:

Mode User manual Runtime result Turn off Final voltage
High 1h 15min 1h 26min 13s 1h 31min 26s 2.94V
Medium 2h 30min 2h 42min 8s 2h 42min 8s 3.25V
Low 24h 22h 51min 9s 22h 51min 9s 3.04V

“Runtime” is the time until the output reduces to 10% of the output at 30 seconds (as per the ANSI/PLATO FL1 2019 Standard).

“Turn off” is the time until my DIY lumen tube no longer detects more than 1 lumen.

“+” indicates that the light remained on after recording had stopped.

The runtime results were slightly better than expected for High and Medium. Low finished earlier than expected at 22h 51min 9s instead of 24 hours.


I took lux measurements with a UNI-T UT383BT at 30 seconds. Low, Medium and High were measured at five metres.

Mode Specs (cd) Specs (m) Candela measured (cd) Distance (m)
Low 228 30 225 30
Medium 1,808 85 2,050 90
High 11,028 210 12,150 220


I went to a local park and aimed the NEXTORCH TA20 at a tree 70 metres away while using High.

Beamshots were taken using a Sony RX100M2 using 3.2", f3.2, ISO 100, 5000K WB.


NEXTORCH TA20 High beamshot

Olight Warrior Nano (Turbo)

Olight Warrior Nano Turbo beamshot

Sofirn SC21 (Turbo)

Sofirn SC21 Turbo beamshot


The NEXTORCH TA20 is a good compact tactical torch.

The user interface provides direct access to High by lightly pressing the button while in Tactical or Duty modes.

The TA20 is definitely intended for law enforcement and military use.

I might consider this an EDC torch if the user interface defaulted to Low in Duty Mode but it defaults to High. Honestly, something like the Olight Warrior Nano has a better user interface for the general public where they may want to carry a small EDC torch.

I would recommend the TA20 if you want a compact tactical torch as a backup. But the TA30C is so much better.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Runtime is better than expected for High and Medium.
  • Beam distance is as advertised.
  • Beam is wide enough to light up a room.
  • 16340 battery has USB-C charging.


  • The USB-C charger in the 16340 battery didn’t work with some USB-C PD power supplies.
  • The strike bezel interferes with the beam pattern.
  • No low voltage protection built into the torch (the battery has protection).


The NEXTORCH TA20 is about US$89 at the time of writing.

Product page

Promo code: TIM

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TA30C (affiliate link)

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