Visiting Acebeam

This post is a part of a series of posts where I attempted to visit five flashlight factories in China over three days.

Neal and I stayed at a hotel near Acebeam the night before after visiting Mateminco.

We woke up early on Friday the 12th of May, 2023, and had breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast we waited outside for a taxi. It began to lightly rain but the taxi arrived and we quickly jumped in.

Acebeam headquarters and factory was nearby so we arrived within a few minutes.

Arriving at Acebeam

Neal and I were warmly greeted by the boss, Chris and Jessie.

Visiting Acebeam

Acebeam even made a nice welcome sign!

Visiting Acebeam


Chris and Jessie brought us to a conference room where they have torches in display cabinets and prototypes on the table to try.

There was an X75 driver on the table. I wish that I had thought to take a photo because I don’t think anyone has done a teardown.

We then visited the marketing and sales department, said hello, and went to the boss’s office to have tea and chat.

I was excited to see the Pokelit AA Ti before it had been announced. AA and AAA torches are my favourite for EDC! I was a bit surprised that they were only going to charge US$80 for them. Similar torches can cost well over US$100. But Acebeam are able to mass produce them to keep the cost down.

Jessie kindly presented me with an Acebeam Defender P16 Gray with my name engraved on the pocket clip. I will publish a review of it soon!

After having a chat we visited the test lab.

Test lab

Acebeam have multiple test instruments for testing torches. I was particularly interested in the integrating spheres.

Chris showed us the large integrating sphere with the Acebeam Pokelit AA Gray in it and a few tests were performed to demonstrate it reaching 1,000 lumens. My DIY lumen tube is definitely not as accurate as professional test equipment. I strive to improve the accuracy though!


We walked over to a massive room with CNC machines and lathes. It was noisy and exciting!

Raw aluminium rods were being shaped into tubes for torches.

CNC machines were cutting the finer details into the tubes.

After checking that out, we walked back and looked at the assembly area.

Thank you

Thank you Acebeam for being so welcoming and for allowing us to visit the factory! I really like the quality of Acebeam torches.