Wuben X0 Knight


Brand/model Wuben X0 Knight
LED Samsung LH351D
Maximum lumens 900 lm
Maximum beam intensity 2,670 cd
Maximum throw 103 m
Battery 1* 18350
Onboard charging Yes (USB-C)
Material Aluminium
Modes 5
Blinkies Strobe, SOS
Reflector TIR
Waterproof IP68
Review date May 2023


The Wuben X0 is the smallest of the Lightok range so far. It takes a flat top 18350 cell and has a high CRI Samsung LH351D emitter.

I had the opportunity to visit the Wuben factory and I was lucky enough to see the X0 being assembled.

This torch has an odd rectangular shape! I wonder how practical it will be for EDC use.

Wuben sent this torch for review. I have not been paid for this review nor have I held back my opinions of this torch. Thanks Wuben!


The Wuben X0 came in a white box with a window on two sides. Specifications are on one of the two back sides of the box. It has some reflective material to showcase the torch.

Wuben X0 packaging Wuben X0 packaging

Wuben X0 packaging Wuben X0 packaging

The following was included in the box:

  • Wuben X0 Knight.
  • USB-A to USB-C cable.
  • Two spare o-rings.
  • User manual.

Wuben X0 Knight accessories Wuben X0 Knight user manual

Wuben X0 Knight user manual Wuben X0 Knight user manual

Wuben X0 Knight user manual Wuben X0 Knight user manual

Torch in use

The Wuben X0 is tiny! It looks like a cute little washing machine.

I like to carry it by pinching the torch between my thumb and fingers.

Wuben X0 Knight in use 1

The switch design is pretty cool. A blue switch at the top can be pressed down to turn the torch on and off and change modes.

Wuben X0 Knight in use 2

I have been carrying the Wuben X0 with the pocket clip in my pocket and the torch dangling outside. It seems secure with a stiff pocket clip.

Wuben X0 Knight in use 3

I found myself locking the torch with four clicks and chucking it in my jacket pocket more often than having it clipped to my pocket.

Wuben X0 Knight lockout

The strong magnet in the tailcap has proven to be pretty useful. I have been mounting the torch on cat fences and door frames so that I could go hands free when looking after my friends cats while they are on holiday.

Build quality

This version of the Wuben X0 is made of aluminium and it has a white micro-arc oxidation finish. It feels like a matte finish. I could not feel any sharp edges.

The pocket clip is very stiff but it does clip on securely.

Wuben X0 Knight front Wuben X0 Knight left

Wuben X0 Knight back Wuben X0 Knight right

It would be nice if the CE and bin labels were put on the tailcap instead of the side. Why do manufacturers put massive CE marks on torches?

I like how the indicator light on the head of the torch looks a bit like a tritium vial. It glows blue when the torch is turned on and goes back to sleep after about five seconds. It is a constant reminder that I should buy eight blue tritium vials and install them.

Wuben X0 Knight closeup-indicator

There are eight slots for tritium vials or glow sticks.

I can flick the switch up like a fidget toy and it lands back down where it is held in place with magnets.

Wuben X0 Knight closeup-button Wuben X0 Knight closeup-charging-port

Wuben explained that the blue cover under the switch is to hide the magnets and to make it look pretty.

It looks as though the pocket clip is about 0.1mm too wide for the torch. The clip is not sitting flat against the body of the torch while both screws are fully tightened. This can be seen in the image below where the pocket clip is sitting flat against a table but the Wuben X0 body is at a slightly different angle.

Wuben X0 Knight closeup-tailcap

You may need snap ring pliers to open the tailcap initially if you want to replace the battery.

The magnet is very strong. The battery was stuck to the magnet in the tailcap when I unscrewed and removed the tailcap. There is an o-ring for the threaded tailcap to help improve water resistance.

Wuben X0 Knight closeup-driver

LED, bezel, lens, reflector and beam

The Wuben X0 has a Samsung LH351D emitter, and combined reflector and TIR optic.

Wuben X0 front

CCT, CRI, and duv

I have taken Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) and Colour Rendering Index (CRI, RA of R1-R8) measurements with the torch positioned half a metre away from an Opple Light Master Pro III (G3) for Moon and one metre for Low, Med, High and Turbo.

The CCT is around 4600K. The CRI is around 96.

The Delta u, v is slightly negative (rosy) on lower modes and close to pure white on High and Turbo.

The beam has wide hot spot and some spill. The hot spot looks like a square when the torch is held close to a wall but it looks more like a circle at a few metres.

Mode CCT (K) CRI (Ra) x y Duv
Moon 4538 97.4 0.3588 0.3574 -0.0023
Low 4598 96.6 0.3569 0.3565 -0.0021
Med 4654 96.9 0.3553 0.3565 -0.0015
High 4700 96.6 0.3542 0.3585 -0.0001
Turbo 4876 96.1 0.3490 0.3568 0.0011

Calculate Duv from CIE 1931 xy coordinates

Dimensions and size comparison


I took the following measurements using a vernier caliper.

Measurement Unit (mm)
Height 57.2
Width 24.15
Depth 32.5


I took the following measurements using a digital scale.

Weight Unit (g)
Wuben X0 Knight 85.16

Size comparison with its competition

From left to right: Wuben X0, Wurkkos TS10, Olight i16, Nitecore Tini2

Wuben X0, Wurkkos TS10, Olight i16, Nitecore Tini2

From left to right: Wuben X0, Wurkkos TS10, Olight i16, Nitecore Tini2

Wuben X0, Wurkkos TS10, Olight i16, Nitecore Tini2

User interface

There are four main modes: Moon, Low, Med and High. And three extra modes: Turbo, Strobe and SOS.

State Action Result
Off Hold Moon
Off Click On (mode memory)
Off Two clicks Strobe
Off Four clicks Lock-out
On Hold Cycle (Moon, Low, Med, High)
On Click Off
On Two clicks Turbo
On Three clicks Strobe
Lock-out Click Battery status indicator blinks three times
Lock-out Four clicks Low
Strobe Click Off or mode memory
Strobe Two clicks SOS
SOS Click Off or mode memory
SOS Two clicks Strobe
Turbo Click Off
Turbo Two clicks Strobe

The torch will flash three times when entering lock-out mode.

Mode memory does not include Turbo, SOS or Strobe.


Strobe has an alternating frequency.

Programming mode

You can adjust the brightness of Moon, Low, Med and High modes as follows:

Mode Min (lumens) Max (lumens)
Moon 1 15
Low 15 50
Med 50 150
High 150 300

To set the brightness for a particular mode:

  • Click to turn the torch on.
  • Hold and release to select Moon, Low, Med or High.
  • Click and hold (2H). The brightness will ramp up or down and flash when it reaches the end.
  • Release at the desired brightness level.
  • Click and hold again to ramp in the opposite direction.

Battery status indication

Wuben X0 Knight closeup-indicator

The indicator LED on the head will display the following for 5 seconds when the torch is on:

Colour Battery level
Blue Capacity ≥ 90%
Blue blinking 40% ≤ Capacity < 90%
Red 15% ≥ Capacity < 40%
Red blinking Capacity < 15%

“Red blinking” will continue while the torch is on.

Low voltage protection

I tested low voltage protection by connecting the driver of the torch to a bench power supply and then by lowering the voltage from 4.2V to 0V.

There is low voltage protection. The emitter turned off at 2.76V and the current stopped.


I did not notice any visible PWM (flickering).

What I like about the UI

  • Simple to use.
  • Programmable levels.

What could be improved

  • Turbo from off would be nice.

Batteries and charging


I unscrewed the tailcap with snap ring pliers to reveal a flat top Wuben 18350 1100mAh cell.

Wuben X0 Knight battery


The Wuben X0 has a USB-C charging port under the switch cover.

Wuben X0 Knight charging-port

Power supply: PinePower Desktop USB-C PD
USB Meter: AVHzY CT-3 (recommended by LiquidRetro)
Room temperature: 18 C

Wuben X0 Knight charging profile

I charged the Wuben X0 at a rate of 5V 1A after performing a runtime test. It took 1 hour 23 minutes for charging to complete. The charging status indicator light went from red to blue when charging was complete. I measured an initial voltage of 3.24V and a final voltage of 4.187V.

The X0 was a bit warm while charging.

Power supply compatibility

I tried the following power supplies with the built-in USB-C charger:

Power supply USB Type Protocol Does it charge?
Apple 61W Power Adapter USB-C PD Yes
Google Pixel Power Adapter USB-C PD Yes
PinePower Desktop USB-C PD Yes
PinePower Desktop USB-A QC Yes
PinePower Desktop USB-A Yes

USB-C to USB-C charging works.


Specifications from the manual:

FL1 STANDARD Turbo High Med Low Moon Strobe SOS
Output (lumens) 900 + 300 250 150 50 1 900 50
Runtime 1min + 2h 2.5h 15h 40h 130h
Beam Distance (metres) 103
Beam Intensity (cd) 2,670

Lumen measurements

I used a bench power supply to measure the current at turn on.

Mode Specs Amps at start Lumens @turn on Lumens @30 sec Lumens @10 min
Moon 1 5 mA 1 1 1
Low 50 0.02 A 16 16 16
Med 150 0.07 A 45 45 45
High 250 0.38 A 218 216 214
Turbo 900 2.27 A 913 875 253

Standby drain

9.1 µA

Runtime graphs

I used my own DIY lumen tube with a TSL2591 sensor and forked bmengineer’s project RuTiTe to record runtimes.

Note: Lumen measurements may be off by 10% with my DIY lumen tube.

The room temperature was approximately 17 C.

Wuben X0 Knight runtime graph

Wuben X0 Knight first 3 hours runtime graph

Wuben X0 Knight first 10 minutes runtime graph


Here is a summary of the runtime results:

Mode User manual Runtime result Final voltage
Turbo 1min + 2h 2h 6min 48s 3.24
High 2.5h 2h 38min 10s
Med 15h 14h 13min 30s
Low 40h 10min+
Moon 130h 10min+

The runtime result is the time until my lumen tube no longer detects more than 1 lumen.

I stopped recording after 10 minutes for Moon and Low because they are expected to last more than a day.

The X0 runtime results line up with the specifications by Wuben.


I took lux measurements with a UNI-T UT383BT at 30 seconds. Moon and Low were measured at one metre. Med, High and Turbo were measured at five metres.

Mode Specs (cd) Specs (m) Candela measured (cd) Distance (m)
Moon 2 2
Low 49 14
Med 75 17
High 775 55
Turbo 2,670 103 3,725 122

The beam distance was slightly better than expected.


I went to a local park and aimed the Wuben X0 Knight at a tree 70 metres away while using Turbo.

Beamshots were taken using a Sony RX100M2 using 3.2", f3.2, ISO 100, 5000K WB.

Wuben X0 Knight (Turbo)

Wuben X0 Knight Turbo beamshot

Wuben X3 (Turbo)

Wuben X3 Turbo beamshot

Acebeam Pokelit AA Gray (High)

Acebeam Pokelit AA Gray High beamshot

Lumintop EDC15 (Turbo)

Lumintop EDC15 Turbo beamshot

ReyLight LANapple (100%)

ReyLight LANapple 100% beamshot


The Wuben X0 has a very unique design. Despite having an odd shape, I found the torch to be practical.

The extremely strong magnet can be useful when going handsfree but it could also be a problem if you put it near other electronics.

The beam is nice and throwy. It is high CRI and slightly warm. And the runtimes are pretty good.

I honestly prefer the design of the Wuben X3 over the Wuben X0 due to the slimmer profile. Then again, the Wuben X0 beam looks better, it has USB-C charging, and the battery can be replaced.


  • Good build quality (knocking it down a bit due to the pocket clip).
  • High CRI.
  • Nice beam.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • Built-in USB-C charging.
  • Simple UI.


  • Magnet is very strong.
  • Odd shape.


The Wuben X0 White is AU$104.95 at the time of writing from liteshop.com.au

It is also available in brass and titanium.

Wuben are definitely aiming for enthusiasts with this price.

Product page

Promo code: SG9IP8YKT5PI

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